SpineCor Scoliosis Treatment

SpineCor treatment is the leading dynamic bracing solution for managing scoliosis and hyperkyphosis in children and adults. Centred around the use of a customised spinal brace, with exercises when required, SpineCor treatment keeps the body moving whilst intelligently managing the spinal position in a curved spine. SpineCor Treatment can successfully treat many different curve types… from small curves to larger and multiple curves. Regular reviews throughout the treatment process allow for adjustments to be made to the brace, helping to achieve the best results for you. Unlike some other treatments, SpineCor treatment maintains the stability of the curve and muscle strength. This leads to better long term results.



The SpineCor Brace

SpineCor Braces are customised to the needs of each patient. The lower part of the brace acts as an anchor for the upper corrective part of the brace, whose bands wrap around the body to control the position of the spine. The corrective bands push, pull or twist the trunk in order to off-load or improve the position of the spine. The brace is easy to put on and take off. Worn comfortably under clothing, it is fully flexible, allowing you to carry on with your daily life, including sporting activities. Its discreet nature means the brace in undetectable under normal clothing, making it more appealing to patients, helping to achieve better results.




Design Features

  • Delivers effective scoliosis control whilst preserving near normal movement
  • Provides postural correction, pain relief, and prevention of progression for adults
  • Enables the child’s body to develop naturally as they grow
  • Worn discretely and comfortably under clothing
  • Better treatment acceptance, helping to achieve better results

SpineCor Treatment for Children

SpineCor Treatment will slow down or stop the progression of a child’s scoliosis during the remainder of growth. It may even reduce the size of the curve. SpineCor Treatment is appropriate for children from 5 years old with Idiopathic Scoliosis from 20 – 40 degrees. SpineCor Treatment can be used for children with Hyperkyphosis above 60 degrees. Brace Wear: SpineCor braces are worn for 20 hours per day during treatment.</>

SpineCor Treatment for Adults

SpineCor Treatment may reduce pain associated with adult scoliosis and Hyperkyphosis. SpineCor Treatment is appropriate for adults of all ages with Idiopathic or Degenerative Scoliosis greater than 20 degrees. SpineCor Treatment can be used for adults with Hyperkyphosis above 60 degrees. Brace Wear: SpineCor brace wear time will be advised by the clinician at the time of brace fitting.

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