Ibrahim Coban


Mast. Podiatric Medicine/ B. Hlth Science Wsu.

Ibby joined the STHC team in 2021. With his recent involvement in lecturing nationally to all different allied health disciplines about lower limb biomechanics, assessments, conditions and how to rectify these dysfunctions/ imbalances in the body; he is dedicated to finding and treating the cause of the biomechanical problem and not the signs and symptoms that may be presented to us. After been a lifelong player of the game of soccer, playing at the highest level of football the nation has to offer. When knee and ankle injuries prevented him to advance in his football career, it was a podiatric biomechanical practitioner that helped him get back into the game. It was for this reason that Ibrahim chose to become a podiatrist so he could be able to provide the same gold standard of care and assistance he was given. Ibby has a keen interest in all aspects of Podiatry, with a particular focus in Sports Podiatry, Pediatrics and Biomechanics. So whether it is poor running technique, repetitive overuse injuires, sporting injuires, correcting children’s gait patterns along with improved posture, rest assured Ibrahim will get to the core of the issue. He has also gained advanced certification in lower limb biomechanics including gait and posture anaylsis (including the use of state of the art video treadmill technology), custom made orthotics, orthotic casting, lower Limb manipulations and mobilisations, dry needling techniques, shockwave therapy, prolotherapy injection, neural injections, hair mineral sample analysis and sports injury management for treatment in podiatric conditions. Ibby is an active member of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW and ACT), Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).

Ibrahim Coban

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