ANF Therapy



Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF Therapy)

When you tried several treatments that did not help or are looking for a therapy which quickly addresses the root cause of pain, without the use of drugs.

There are currently over 180 discs, each with their own unique function/frequency. By combining the different discs, we can normalize and optimize the body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production). Activated by the heat of your body, the discs release the electrical frequencies stored in the carbonized metal they are made of. These frequencies are already used by the body itself to function, the discs only amplify them. By doing so, the body’s functions start to work normally again or are strengthened/normalized. The discs do not contain or release any substance which can harm the body. This treatment does not require the use of needles or drugs.

To find out more about ANF therapy and how it may help you, visit the link below. 

ANF Therapy – A therapy that delivers results. Start your journey towards a pain-free life!


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