Our team is qualified to treat all types of patients with pain, movement and dysfunction problems, ranging from athletes, injured workers, motor vehicle accident victims, arthritis sufferers, senior citizens, pregnant women and children. We treat patients with common conditions such as whiplash, headaches, disc problems, upper and lower limb injuries and neck & lower back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, as well as sports related injuries.

Our practitioners also work in partnership with doctors and other allied health care professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care. STHC offers a range of additional services including acupuncture/dry needing, remedial and sports massage, physiotherapy, naturopathy, personalised stretching/strengthening programs and rehabilitation.

Dr. Dean Zekis

Dr. Dean Zekis Osteopath

Benjamin Trautman

Benjamin Trautman Chiropractor

Abdul Habra

Abdul Habra Podiatrist

Lissette Alpuin

Lissette Alpuin Naturopath

Andrew Christopoulos

Andrew Christopoulos Personal Injury Lawyer

Mark Nagib

Mark Nagib Acupuncturist

Chris Delosa

Chris Delosa Exercise Physiologist

Efthimios (Tim) Kougioumtzoglou

Efthimios (Tim) Kougioumtzoglou Remedial Massage Therapist

Ibrahim Coban Podiatrist

Madeline Morrison Chiropractor

Jon Gerakios Chiropractor

Veronique Khoury

Veronique Khoury Exercise Physiologist

South Terrace Health Centre

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